Meet Banzee and Bubzee, our friendly mascots

Like every loving Mom, Banzee dotes on lil’ Bubzee. She has been using her bare hands and body to shield Bubzee from the forest’s blazing sun, intense noise and burning heat. Until she found BANZ®.

As Bubzee kept growing, BANZ® sunglasses, ear muffs and sun hats have expanded to provide the same loving care and lasting protection! “Isn’t that smart?”, says Banzee. “Yep, also very comfy”, chimes in Bubzee.

Bubzee is often scared by lightning, rain and thunder on stormy nights. But loves them because it’s fun to wear all BANZ® gear at once. When Banzee screams: "No sunglasses at night! No sun hats in the rain!”, Bubzee just giggles mischievously.

It was Banzee who taught Bubzee to “See no evil”, “Hear no evil” and “Speak no evil”. Now, BANZ® has shown Bubzee to “See no glare” , “Hear no blare” and “Feel no Flare” .

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